Draw till your pencil breaks

Hi, I like to draw. Everyone is welcome here:D be positive and stay positive. If you don't feel happy, draw. You don't have to make a masterpiece;)
I wish you all the best in life

Flower power ♧

Patern :)

Colorful trees
Swoosh ~~
This is a new thing I am currently working on
First doodle in my weird little booklet ^^
So uh, yeah

Another self portrait - I always get to emotional to finish them, lets see if I can bring this one to an end.
All these colours :o

Im going to use coloured pencil (○o○)

So, I really like this book about a boy in a comaworld and he meets this girl and a cockroach. Then they stick together to get out of the coma-world. It is so psycological. 

So here is a cover I made of the book
Time for bed now